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  buffet menu agnontas,

Buffet Menu “Agnontas”


At the Wedding Reception, all Guests are Welcomed with:

Sangria Wine and variety of several Cold Canapés

Variety of Breads (Multigrain Bread, Rye Bread, Brown Bread, White Bread)


Selection of Salads:

Pandaisia of Salads with Caesar’s dressing

Potato Salad with mustard, mayonnaise and capers

Tomato - cucumber with basil

Green Salad with arugula and balsamic vinaigrette


Hot Dish options:

Baby Beef a la Plakentia  (Beef in the casserole with own juice and broccoli, mushrooms , carrots)

Baby Lamb Roasted with herbs

Salmon fillet with mustard sauce and dill

Chicken a la China with sweet and sour sauce


Cheese assortment:

Cheese Platter with a variety of multigrain bread sticks



Penne carbonara

Roasted  potatoes a la Rizole

Eggplants Gratine with Feta cheese

Risotto with mushrooms sautéed

Crepes  a la Napoli

Soufflé Kantaifi with cheese mousse

Selection of Organic Olives

Selection of Stuffed Olives with Garlic or Cheese or Orange



Fresh Seasonal Fruits and assortment of chocolates

Wedding Cake, Champagne, Coffee

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial for the Bride and Groom


Art de la table:

Our goal for the Table Style is the absolute balance with the surrounding environment (Green & Blue)

Cotton table covers and towels with décor

Chairs with cotton cover

Porcelain Ménages


All our menus include Bottled Water, Refreshments and Local Bottled Wine


Minimum Number of Guests, 25




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